Last Update:  Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How to Get Laid on Adult Dating Sites

Be Original in Your Mail

Tip #1 - Be Original!

Do you know how many emails girls get per day on these sites? Depending on how hot they are, it could be in the hundreds. Who wants to waste time reading all these emails? You have to find some way of differentiating yourself from the hundreds of others. Luckily for you, that's pretty damn easy. 90 percent of these fools will send an email very similiar to this:

Hey babe. You're so hot. Want to hook up?
These girls might be looking for sex, but they don't want you to make them feel like they're easy.

Tip #2 - Use an Interesting Subject

Don't just put "Hey There" or "What's Up?". As I said, you need to catch the girls eye and separate yourself from the hundreds of others. Come up with something catchy or use something that you read in the girl's profile.

Tip #3 - Actually Read the Girl's Profile

It may be boring, but it will only take you 1 minute and your odds of scoring with here will improve tremendously. Use the information in her profile to relate to her in some way in your message.

  • Use common locations like favorite restaruants and vacation spots
  • Use things you have in common with each other like books and activities. Never reda a book? Use as a quick research and say how you loved so and so...

Tip #4 - Cast a Wide Net

The brute force attack can work! The more people you contact the better chances you'll have of scoring. The good news is, if you create a fairly generic email that is interesting, you can just copy and paste the same one for every girl. Plus, you don't have to really worry about being rejected. Who cares!